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Rational Anarchist is back!

 After 10 years of retirement and relaxation, the Rational Anarchist is back online. After so many years of writing and online debating, I took a deserved break from political writing and spent the time with my wife and family relaxing away from the 'net and enjoying long summers swimming and taking the sun but now with the kids grown up and with changes to the camp where we spent our time, I was persuaded (thanks Ken, I'll think of you when I am up at 3am researching and writing articles) to get back to writing commentary again. It will take time to build up some content, but I will be posting essays and editorials as well as blogging on current events. I will also be setting up a forum, so we can have at it, and chew over the latest foibles of political correctness and bureaucratic foolishness. I will add other features as I get time and as requested. Also, I plan to create an archive of some of the content from the original Rational Anarchist website for a historical perspective... as I recently looked at some of the topics I wrote about then, I was reminded that some things never change.

So sit down, relax and enjoy as I get back to ripping the flesh off of some Canadian sacred bovines and kicking some pretentious politicians and their mainstream flacks, from the left and the right, around the block.

The Rational Anarchist is always looking for contributors to contribute essays and editorial pieces, write blogs etc. You can publish under your own name or, if your employment is at risk, under a nom de plume. We are looking for those who write from a liberty aspect, positing freedom from big government and economic liberty. We can promise that there will be no editorial interference, save for spelling and grammar. We do expect contributors to spell check their work, have a solid grasp of vocabulary and the proper usage of grammar.