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A View on Modern Day Humanity

by Mycroft on Monday, January 7, 2013 3:53 PM
For as long as anyone can remember, people have been trying to improve themselves throughout time, whether it's been as a single person improving upon ones self, or civilizations improving as a whole. This process has never been an easy road, and very few peoples have truly succeeded. But when you think about it, the need for self-improvement is an evolutionary function. However, what do we measure our improvements against? And do we try as fervently as we did before?

It's been long theorized that as we've developed newer and better technologies, humanity grows more passive and lazy as time passes. Now when you compare that to just the last 100 years, you can see our productiveness and ambitions have declined. For example, how many people are unemployed, not just because of the lack of jobs and career positions, but because they've become lazy? It's quite understandable as to how that came to be as I shall explain.

Ever since the computer age came into full swing, virtually everything has become computer operated, thus eliminating the need for people to do a lot of things for themselves. Many industrial factories are automated and put people out of work. Commercial businesses have computers do all the calculations ranging from simple retail at a checkout, to full-blown accounting, pretty much eliminating the need to think about math. Socially, computer technology has really changed everything. We have social websites, cellphones, computerized tablets and so much more that allows people to talk to each other without ever leaving their home, or ever having to vocalize anything. TV allows us our entertainment, but also is a gateway to many things that lead to distractions to allow our complacency to thrive.

All of the examples I have just stated prove that we have become lazy and complacent, and this is where we detract from improving ourselves, and have actually started becoming slaves to many outer influences. Now, like all subjects regarding people, this isn't a blanket statement, as there are many out there in the world who do strive to improve themselves and try to make a better future for us all, but the amount of the complacent people are in far greater numbers, and increase everyday. If you find this information rather disturbing, then maybe we could do something about it. Perhaps we should put down our little distractions, and focus on trying to rediscover our personal strengths and hone them to make ourselves stronger and better people.

In conclusion, I thank you for your time in reading this, and it is my hope that this is an eye-opener for many.

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