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The Perception of Truth

by Mycroft on Friday, March 1, 2013 12:06 AM


“The truth shall set you free...”

This quote, while well-intentioned is very misleading. For in life, there are many different truths on a great many subjects. A great many people don't seem to be aware of this simple fact. Quite often truth is often mistaken as fact. While similar on a great many levels at times, there are differences that quite often get overlooked. For example, long in the history of mankind, people were taught that the earth was flat, and that was the truth. Then after the voyage of Christopher Columbus, the world was proven to be round, and that became the truth. Now... If the world was flat and that was the truth, how could the world being round be the truth? Simple. It's not as much truth as it is fact.

Another good example requires a bit of imagination. If you were locked in a room with no windows, and no contact with the outside world for a day, and then some one came in and said “Good morning”, how would you know it was morning? Just because that person said it to you?

The point is we can never know what a truth is, because the truth is fluid. It differs from one person to another. Fact is proven right, and hardly ever proven wrong. Many overlook that because it's easier, and doesn't require much thought. But if we did take all this into consideration, would we be better off? Would there be less conflict? No one could ever know for certain, and we'll probably never know in our lifetime. So while we are conditioned from birth to tell the truth, maybe we should tell the facts instead.

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