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The New Years Edition of Cynic's Hategroup

by Lazarus Long on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 7:07 AM

Looks as if Santa brought twitter a new batch of trolls as several new members of Cynic’s group of haters, misogynists and bigots have emerged. One troll outdid himself. In the space of a handful of tweets, he managed to slag Mennonites as slow and stupid, Indigenous people as lazy and even found time to attack the Jews. Take a bow, Jimbo Popovich. Sadly the new group of hatemongers includes a city councilor(Joanna McCallum) from Canmore Alberta. Doing her city proud by being a part of Cynic’s Hategroup.


As usual, new additions are highlighted in Red.


Journalists and Media Types:

Patti Bacchus @pattibacchus Vancouver Observer Contributing Education Editor. Public education advocate

Jenn Jefferys @JennJefferys National Observer, The Hill Times, Chatelaine, Vice

Sandy Garossino @garossino Associate Editor, National Observer

Bethany Lindsay 林爱文 @bethanylindsay Reporter at the Vancouver Sun and Province.

Jen Gerson @jenGerson Journalist National Post

Graham Parley @grahamparley Retired as city editor of Toronto Star in 2012.

ellen roseman @ellenroseman Toronto Star columnist,

Althia Raj @AlthiaRaj Ottawa Bureau Chief, The Huffington Post Canada

Kady O'Malley @kady former Former Ottawa Citizen reporter now writes for IPolitics

Tim Querengesser @timquerengesser Walrus Magazine, Globe and Mail

Russell Gragg @russellgragg Journalist, senior producer for @CANADALAND

Glen Mcgregor @glen_mcgregor Parliament Hill correspondent for CTV News

SeánO'SheaGLOBALTV @ConsumerSOS Global TV News Canada consumer+investigative reporter

Meredith Martin @meredithmartin Producer, The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO. Very, super serious journalist type.

John Lancaster @jlancasterCBC CBC Toronto investigative reporter

Errol Nazareth @ErrolNazareth Host @CBCBigCity * Music columnist @CBC @metromorning * Instructor @CentennialEDU

Tom Harrington @cbctom Host, The World This Hour - CBC Radio News,

santianni @mikesantianni Producer for CBC News Network.

Alexandra Zabjek @a_zabjek Still in journalism. Co-host of The Broadcast. CBC contributor.

mark @HarvCBC Journalist at CBC Edmonton

Heather Avery @heatheravery Northern news reader. CBC afternoon newscasts across Nunavut, NWT and Yukon.

Rick Palidwor @RickPalidwor Film & video maker & educator, former radio comedian 4 CBC

Amira Elghawaby @AmiraElghawaby CBC, Rabble, Globe and Mail Toronto Star Hill Times

Michael Coren @michaelCoren Studying to become an Anglican Priest Commentator

Kathleen Smith @KikkiPlanet EthosPost contributor

David Climenhaga @djclimenhaga author of the Alberta Diary blog, is a journalist, author, journalism teacher

Rabble Magazine @rabbleca Lefty online rag supported by trade union dues and member contributions.

Justine Kelsie @JustineKelsie Mornings at @2dayfmgp @2dayFMNewsGP

Olive Murphy @itsolivemurphy Freelance writer/editor. Contributor @bipartisanism & Liberal Canadian.

Markham Hislop @politicalham Author at Alberta Oil Magazine

Eliza Mayhew @eliza_mayhew Freelance political writer for Bipartisan Report and Liberal Canadian

Malory   @malorybee Editor @fanslashfic, Writer, Fangirl, Feminist

Ryan Jespersen @ryanjespersen Morning guy on CHED 630AM in Redmonton

Cliff Hesby @RustyIdols ‏Blogger, ranter Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Progress Alberta @ProgressAlberta ‏Building a more progressive Alberta. Executive director is @DuncanKinney

Judyth Mermelstein @GadflyQuebec freelance writer, editor, cultural imperialist.

Alexander Knight @Alexanderknight Wannabe journo and a drone(in the biological sense)

Michael Stewart @m_r_Stewart Editor at Rabble



Joanna McCallum @canmoregrl 3rd Term Councillor in Canmore, AB

Sandra Jansen @sandrayycnw NDP MLA member for Calgary NW

Barb Nederpel @BNederpel BCNDP candidate in Kamloops North Thompson.

Alexei Simakov @Alexei_Simakov Operations Manager the @MichaelChongMP CPC Leadership Campaign

Jennifer Pollock @jcpollock former Calgary Public School Board Chair, former federal Liberal Candidate

Tracy MacCharles @TracyMacCharles Liberal MPP Pickering-Scarborough East, Minister of Government and Consumer Services

Minister Responsible for Accessibility.

Joyce Murray @joycemurray Member of Parliament for Vancouver Quadra; Parliamentary Secretary to the President

of the Treasury Board Liberal Party

Carloyn Bennett @Carolyn_Bennett Liberal Party M.P. Toronto-St. Paul's; Minister Indigenous & Northern Affairs

Monbina Jaffer @SenJaffer Liberal Senator for British Columbia

Karen McCrimmon @karenmccrimmon Liberal MP for the riding of Kanata-Carleton

Scott Brison @Scottbrison President of the Treasury Board

Chrystia Freeland @cafreeland Minister of Foreign Affairs

Cameron Ahmand @cameronahmad Manager, media relations for @CanadianPM

Omar Alghabra @OmarAlghabra Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Liberal MP Mississagua Centre

Nate Erskine-Smith @beynate Liberal MP Beaches-East York

Andy Fillmore @AndyFillmoreHFX Liberal MP Halifax Parliamentary Secretary for Democratic Institutions

David Graham @daviddbgraham Member of Parliament for Laurentides--Labelle

Mark Holland @markhollandlib Liberal MP for Ajax & Parliamentary Secretary for Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness

RobertFalconOuellett @DrRobbieO Member of Parliament for Winnipeg Centre





Fake Feminists and other Hypocritical Leftist types outraged at misogyny and bigotry while ignoring their own.

Tim Huyer @tim4hire I am allegedly not a mind reader.

MgS @MgS_2011 whose bio states "Bigotry gets taken to task or blocked depending on my mood.

Kathi Wilson @midwifek Midwifing, socialist politics and feminism

Kanchana Fernando @kanchanaf_yeg Canadian, lawyer, feminist

Dan Browne @DanBrowne89 Union rep. #LGBTQ

Miri Hadas Koller @mirikoller Torontonian, liberal, feminist

Sally Jones @NihilistSally Single mom, feminist, social justice activist, union member

Dr. Philip Savage @docsavagephd McMaster Teacher/Researcher in Media, Audiences & Policy; York/Ryerson PhD in

Communication & Culture; Formerly CBC Senior Manager; Social Justice Advocate

Larysa Woloszansky @LarysaW U of T media relation


rick kelly @rkelly123 Now Social Justice warrior; Likes philosophy and social justice;

(((Leanne))) @LeanneMAnd Labour/enviro/poli activist | CUPE |

Ajidamoon Rhiannon @Wiininiskwe Mississaugas of Scugog Island FN Treaty #20 Mom, wife

Robert Stock @robert_stock7 just your standard misogynist.

Leslie Anthony @docleslie ‏ Author, editor, creative director

R F @R_S_Fowler City of Niagara resident and noteworthy orthodox atheist

William D. G. @Dg46William Info collection. Was shadowbanned. RT's do not represent endorsement.

B Lev @lastroomleft Politics. Human rights. Salad. I believe we can all experience love. Feminist.

Cynthia Grenier @tintie4 words to live by: If your mind dislikes anything, obey it. Horatio to Hamlet.

xxi_stoner @xxi+stoner

Flora @florabelle444 young-ish, funny-ish, poor-ish....Proud Mo Sista!

Geoff Aucoin @gaucoin13 Sayin' stuff about junk

Deirdre @Mitchell_AB UofC Alum, AU, POLInerd; centrist, encourage civil disagreement; politics blogger @thisweekinab

Nora Loreto @NoLore Writer. Purveyor of fine snark. Highly Googleable. Champale Socialist in the streets;

adrianlionheart @adrianlionheart Part of #GordDowniesCanada whether you like it or not.

Jens Gundermann @jensgun Canadian, Husband, Father, Registered Nurse, UNA Local 301 executive

Gil Mcgowan @GilMcgowan Progressive policy wonk. President of the Alberta Federation of Labour.

Reema Faris @rmfaris Former WVan Trustee. Mom, educator, student, skeptical optimist.

Douglas Connors @calmecam Political junkie

Ian Muller @ianwnm Director, Policy Research & Advocacy @students_union #highered

Mike Gibbs @mikeggibbsibbs Public Health Ontario, Epcor Utilities. Pol staffer HoC, QP & TO City Hall.

Ben Corke @CorkeBen An anagram of my previous self. Back from the land of the ban.

AfroGirl @Afrogirl7 astro fan,casting maven,paintbrush wielder,news junkie!

Andrew Mitrovica @andrewmitrovica Reluctant tweeter, eager agitator here Writes for Al-Jazeera

FMPSportsGuy @fmpSportsGuy Typical Troll from the Cynic camp

Sean Cowell @canphan666 All-seeing master of time, space, and dimension

Amanda @anudda RT's definitely an endorsement or me making fun of you. Canada out West

David C Fox DavidFox_Canada A lover of democracy, activism & genuine political freedom in Canada

Marc Heigl @marcbakes Free speech. Compassion. Pastry artist. Philosophical free agent (failed libertarian).

LizJ @opalsoap Thinking I'll experiment with nihilism for a whil

Jonathan Sas @jonathan_Sas Director of Policy Broadbent Institute

Tim Sullivan @TNS001 Recovering politico. Following the news is making me crazy

Citizen @ThePhotowagon Retired technology teacher, designer, photographer, futurist,

trapdinawrpool @trapdinawrpool The rich are living beyond our means

Sleeping Giants_ca @slpng_giants_ca We are trying to stop racist websites by stopping their ad dollars.

Scarlet Pumpernickel @S-Pumpernickel A masked avenger - fighting for truth, justice and the Canadian way!

JoanBeam3000 @Joanbeam3000 Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. ~ Oscar Wilde

Bill Oates @wjoates You don't know me or anything about me so take what I say at face value.

Nickie @MuskokaMoneybag really didn't care about politics until Stephen Harper became Prime Minister...

Michael Anthony @Mike_EH_52 HALIFAX,NS

Fubar Daddy @FubarDaddy Silly Misoynist Socialist who follows all the usual lefties.

Jeff Bjanes @lucky_Leif Central NL, terrible cynic just trying to be funny

Edwin Mundt @edwinmundt A Misogynist who fantasizes he is a soldier of fortune..lives in Calgary

Darth Jeremy @BautistaBomb Typical progressive

Kara Ardan @karaardan Mom, grandma, cultural continuity advocate, cloud enthusiast

Where is Teddy @YYCTed Edited for the Radical Right Wingers: Wingnuts. Everywhere, wingnuts.

Peter From TO @dia_volo If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough

Port Credit @Pt_Credit_voter Challenging indolence & indifference

Haiku Gal @haikuvikinggal I dislike corruption & alt-wrong bigots.

Marlene Wells @marlenewells

Al Smith @AlSmith96467308

Sleepy Rob @SleepyRobAnders

Kevin Bonner @yegkevinb

Tommy Chong @tommychong840 Limp wristed beta male who trolls conservative women.

Not Scott F @FitzStartz Anomymous Troll

Mike Vlasic @MikeMcPickles

GT Lem @GTlem Webmaster of  100% PROGRESSIVE. Rude RWNJs will be blocked.

Dave Beninger @DaveBeninger Typical Lefty has been known to be prone to violence

Jay Gamble @DrJayDrNo I mostly tweet about Alberta politics, sprinkled with stuff about poetry and weird things my kids say. Also: I swear.

Jane Munro @janewordsmith I block all real estate agents. Albertastan - Treaty 6 land

Adam Scriven @scriven42

Jacqueline Roy @jacroy67 Live, laugh, love! My views are my own

Rips Rant @ripsrant dirt road scholar...sandpaper, not your average teacher or Redneck A #BCTF teacher who enjoys misogyny

Sir John A @Sirjohn_A

FacePalm @leftyNut Typical Lefty troll

Sunny Roads @seedyroads Racist and Misogynist a typical Liberal Supporter

Politikelle @politikelle Liberal Supporter

Meredith Heron @meredithHeron Restaurant Designer from Toronto. Hates women, Supports terrorists

CDNMisanthrope @CDNMisanthrope No patience for bigots, truthiness, spin, or the willfully stupid.

Gord Daniels @kind_of_hoping feminist male

Jason McRobie @UnkleGrizzly Works for AltaGas Utilities in Alberta. Fantasizes about shooting women.

Jack T @Jackman_099

Scott Dimma @scootluc

Laura @Ciocia

Slightly Cranky @ephenas

Rubble Commander @thatsMrNeil Tweets Rape Fantasies about women when he trolls

Hope Aldridge @hopealdridge Self Loathing Misogynist Female

ChuckW12 @ChuckW12 pr

Christopher Arnold @dreamitnowdoit

Naseer Ahmad @manfromatlan

André Forcier @airbus63

Andres Depres @techead87

Athena Marks @athenamarks27

Brad Fraser @fraser_brad

Sarcastic Honey @SarcasticHoney

ktmcfrln @ktmcfrln

Mark Renaud @markrenaud

Ken Chapman @KenChapman46

Ontario Woman @Roses129

NoDronesCanada @NoDronesCanada

Nadine Kellman @nadinekellman

Bruce Sloan @brucesask

Rogue Chimp @rogueChimp99

DAJ Hetherington @DAJHetherington

Ben Rutgers @BenRutgers

Carmen @NerdPin

Donnella @Donnella_P

Harold Pliszka @hpliszka Social worker ardently supporting social (& health) equity while working at a University & in a shelter.

Annette Last @AnnetteLast Poli Sci major who doesn't understand percentage of votes.

Norman Bruce Farrell @Nbf46Norman Mentally Ill person who follows a Misogynist. Bad news for women in his life.

Dubya Hamilton @whamilton86

J. Cowely @CosmicFirePeace West Coast progressive and misogynist.

Sean Beggs @Seanadb

90 days in the hold @jiminthecage

JustDscr @dscyr1

Lisa Helene @raptorgirlSK

Maggie Price @maggiepriced

Greg Johansen @johangreg

Colleen McConnell @ColleenHeather1

Swiss @switzere

TS Person @Hemporium17th

Greg Hooper @tangibullah

LYArams @swancoole

Pete @lowemustgo

Garry Bodnar @garrybodnar

Darny Dyer @MisterDaryn

Shawna Gawreluck @ShawnaG_NDP Sturgeon River - Parkland employee of Alberta Health Services

Lillian Wright @lillian_wright SJW

FuzzyWuzzyTO @FuzzyWuzzyTO

ABSocialDemocrat @Calgarynerd

Joanbeam3000 @Joanbeam3000

JohnAtHamiton @johnatHamilton

No Puppet @1BladderWeedOne Sock Puppet of Cynic

Cash Considerations @BautistaBomb Sock Puppet of Cynic

Maximillian Robespier @SteveAustin1971 Sock Puppet

JudyBug @BugJudy

Zoe York @ZoeYorkWrites

John Francis @johnefrancis

Dave @xbetadogx Dave is a "family man" who follows a misognyist. I would be a worried person if he were my spouse.

Dale Kowcenuk @dkrussell61 SJW and Civic Action

Sean @Sean83958903 Strathcona County AB Misogynist

Curious George @impishChimp Informed citizen, fighter of injustice

Cicero @CndCicero

Alberta-YouSeePee @Alberta_YCP Peter Skinner's Fake Account pretending to be the official UCP site.

Peter Skinner @Peterrskinner Stalker and Impersonator Gets his kicks stalking women online and in real life.

Bev Azevedo @BevAzevedo Passionate Bleeding Heart Liberal who enjoys Misogyny.

Ruthko @ruthmkb "No Tolerance for personal insults"

Robert MacKay @Robert_MacKay_ Supports murderous dictators, wants only state approved media

Cindy @CodieneC Retired RN

Gordon Pattie @GWPattie Retired Network Analyst, UVic Alumni '78 Biology

George Macel @misledgeekboy

Larry Macintosh @directoractc Retired Director of Education

Another Zombie @anotherhuman86 Dare I say it: intersectional feminist. Mostly politics & feminism.

Marvin Hernandez @sstrvinmarvin Liberal Party Supporter

Oh Canadian @ohcanadian

Craig BM @Craig_BM

Janice @YEGlifer


If not us, who? @CassieIrish

Laurae @laurae303b

Ken Friesen @the_ken_friesen

Eva O Destruction @gonnafry

Marc Leith @mleith

SweetieCanuck @sweetieCanuck

MatrixKape @hellemax Typical illiterate Non-thinking troll

Anna @eriereflections

Manifest Mutiny @cryingwolfe

Old Grump @caneshaker

Temperate Tempest @XtheoutsiderX A kid who wants to grow up to be a troll

Greg Carabine @GCarabine ECT Local President

Bird Bird @drchickie

Jill Scheyk @therealytj

Tom Hallick @Tbone68

Shelly @Shellyyyc

Paul Main III @allbelonghere

Traxy @trax123

Susan Wright @Susanspbx liberal bloggerand like all cynic trolls has no objection to misogyny.

King Friday @thetaoofken

BJ Rodgers @bjr8

PhaseChange @ripplewraith

Karren Brown @Albertagirl46

You Are Garbage @TLH858 Typical Hatemonger and Bigot

SayBlade @SayBlade

Totally non-political Andy @uncleree1

Tracey Tingey @uppyday

Annie Pochemuchka @emtannie

Jimbo Popowich @JimboPopowich


I do not search Cynic's followers list, I only check when I see an obvious example of hypocrisy in the area of misogyny and bigotry..and so often, I find they follow Cynic.

Followers of @canadiancynic List verifed through the Does Follow App.

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