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Repost of an article on the Caledonia Blockade in 2013

by Lazarus Long on Wednesday, January 31, 2018 11:26 AM

Police are wrong to disregard Court Injunctions


The Ontario Provincial Police chose to ignore court injunctions directing them to remove blockades of CN tracks last week. This week, OPP Commissioner Chris Lewis posted a video explaining how it was up to the on-site commander to determine if he would obey a “scrap of paper written by some judge”. Apparently Commissioner Lewis hasn't read the Police Services Act which states that the duties of the police include obeying the directions of the court. This police officer was in charge of the Caledonia standoff where he and the officers under his command stood idly by while FN demonstrators physically beat a civilian to near death, and watched while a group of FN people drove a vehicle directly at an officer and took no action during the event nor after. Yet, when a group of citizens from Caledonia protested the lack of police protection, they were promptly arrested, even though they did nothing more than walk on a city street in a small group.

For his cowardly conduct, Lewis was promoted to the job of Commissioner. When police pick and choose what court orders to obey, and refuse to arrest violent criminals yet arrest non-violent protesters, it sends a signal that the laws of the land are not being applied equally, and gives sanction for one group to use whatever activity they choose to use knowing that the police will not take action against them. This leads to the diminishment of the justice system and a lack of respect for the police and the laws they are sworn to uphold. Race based policing is wrong for the reasons above, and for the racist aspect they bring, such as the impression that certain groups are excused from the law based on their race. During the IdleNoMore Day of Action on January 16, the OPP actually enabled the protesters to blockade the Ambassador bridge leading from Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan by escorting them down the highway to where they chose to set up their blockade. It is bad enough that police choose to ignore the law, but to be complicit in the breaking of the law makes a mockery of the Canadian Justice System.

If Commissioner Lewis and his underlings don’t have the courage to enforce the laws that they swore to uphold, and continue to thumb their noses at the judicial system, it will only lead to more blockades and more loss of respect by the citizenry for the police and the justice system. If they feel that they do not have the nerve to uphold the law, then let Lewis and his cowardly underlings resign and promote those who will enforce the law without regard to race, ethnicity or social cause. In the meantime, let us hope that Lewis and those commanders on the front lines find a set of balls and do what is right.

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